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It’s been a long time since I’ve opened the original art vault to collectors. Truth is, I’ve just been too busy to answer collector middlemen emails (sellers who want to post available work for a fee). But with the move to the new website, I figured my own studio ‘store’ could streamline the process and allow me to offer rare originals openly without going through highbrow gallery spaces or collector middlemen (both only jack-up prices).

In the past, while paintings went the way of galleries and collectors, drawings and illustration originals sat quietly nestled under padlock here in the studio, never before offered to collectors or the public. Since I wanted this website to reflect my personal side as well as my professional side, it seemed only fitting that I leveled the collector playing field and offered original art from the vault to everyone as ‘first come, first serve’ - NO outside gallery, NO collector pandering, NO middlemen... and so it is!

The vault is a large one, and eventually I’ll get around to listing the contents in full, but with time an issue, I’ll start by posting prints and original art items one-by-one as I can get to them. As things sell, I’ll list new ones - as well as adding to the current store inventory as time sees fit - a reason to check back often.

Realist & Face To Face Books.jpg

On 2 related notes:

First, with the release of Fantagraphic’s awe-inspiring coffee table book, ‘THE REALIST CARTOONS,’ I’ve decided to devote an entire store page to the original REALIST cartoon art and other pieces I created for counterculture guru Paul Krassner throughout the years. Paul is a mentor as well as a friend, and in many ways, gave me my start.

Likewise, the mind-blowing hardback ‘FACE TO FACE - 25 years of social punk, the visual history’ (beautifully published by Melodic Virtue) prompted me to open the the original art vault containing the all work I’ve done for the band (Trever Keith and company). It is always fun working with these guys and I think that reflects in the art.
Original art for both ‘The Realist’ and ‘Face To Face’ should be listed and online by mid- to late September, so bookmark and check back often.

Well, it looks like the studio ‘original art’ store ribbon cutting ceremony was a success. Now go get yourself a piece of cake and grab some art from the wall before someone beats you to it!