'Keep One In The Chamber'


I originally started ROULETTE STUDIOS as a way to separate gallery art from ‘commercial’ work, but the Lowbrow / Kustom Kulture art movement I later became part of (renamed Pop Surrealism) turned art upside down, blurring the line between art and product.

Although rooted in humble beginnings, the illustration studio quickly grew to include such high-end notables as MTV, Levis and Starburst Candy. Projects encompassed everything from entire stage production design (the H.O.R.D.E. tour) to film animation (‘Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo’ THE GEARS Punk Rock Documentary). Some of the studio work can be found here.

As it always has, ROULETTE STUDIOS continues to specialize in art & design from "concept to completion" -  be it Art Direction, Illustration, Poster Design, Book Cover Design, Product & Packaging Design, Logo & Branding Design, Character design, Album - CD - DVD Design, Icon & Spot Art, Hand Lettering, Tattoo Design, Retro & Vintage Graphic Design, Digital Mock-ups, Digital Image Rendering or Website Design, ROULETTE STUDIOS remains first in class.

Of Roulette Studios, No Junk Magazine once wrote: “Founded by fine-art Lowbrow painter Kalynn Campbell, this studio produces some of the best eye-burning graphics around. No wonder Roulette Studios is in high demand.” I continue to man the helm at ROULETTE STUDIOS, and I’m proud to say my work under the studio banner remains in high demand - and I believe it's because I approach every job with the creative passion and dedication needed to make every project the best it can be.

If you’ve a job/project/commission you’d like to place in the experienced and acclaimed hands of ROULETTE STUDIOS (or simply want to say “hey”) drop me a line from the contact page.

I look forward to working with you soon.  -Kalynn